Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

I love this time of year.  I really do!!!!
So as they say in England... HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, ME!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I Love Christmas time.  I love the décor, the music, the baking, the smells, the crisp air, the parties, everything.  I love shopping, wrapping, cooking, you name it.  Dayna.. not so much, We have been married near 12 years, and he's getting better, he kind of has to been married to me :)  I think this time of year is magical, I really do!!!

So, I have been slowly getting my Christmas décor out.  I need to sort through it, I still have 3 totes left!!  I do a tree upstairs and one down in the family room with all the kids things they make etc... I need to put that one up this weekend.. so here is a little sneak peak.  I buy a few things each year, this year, is my BEAUTIFUL "Oh holy night" art, I need to get a stand for it, but my good friend Jaime made it, oh I love it, and I love she lives a few houses down from me :)

so here is a sneak peak..

I am Back!!!

Well Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!
After over 2 years away, I woke up this morning remembering my old Hotmail address, seriously, I have not been able to log in for 2 years!!!
So, I am back, and I am going to be non stop!! 
here is a little Update
Dayna & I, are doing good, Dayna is still working for himself as a oil contractor, for Husky oil, he likes it!!!  He gets to be out in the field where he loves.. such an outdoor guy.  He's the Venture leader in the ward, and he really likes been with the Young Men, again hunting, fishing, camping.. he's in Heaven!!!  His goal for next year is to finally get lasik surgery! LOL

Me: Well, I am also doing good.  I am still in the Relief Society presidency, going on for 3 years now, I am scared for a shake up! LOL 
I am still loving our new house, and finding things to keep me busy, this spring will be landscaping :)  please, and thank you!!

Grace: she's 9.. 9, how did that happen, she is thriving in Grade 3, and has such an imagination.  We still deal daily with her OCD, and sensory disorder, and we are hoping to find a new therapist soon.. we didn't love her last one.  She is attending achievement days at church, and also is on her second year playing piano.

Ella, she is now 6.5, and is in grade 1.  She loves it.  She is so placid for the most part, has no cares in the world.  she still plays barbies and sings 24/7!!
she does not like the cold or snow, too bad she is in Canada!!

Ethan just turned 5.  He's in Kindergarten, he still suffers terribly with laryngomalacia, and asthma, and has already had pneumonia twice this past 6 months, poor guy.  he also had his adenoids removed to see if that would help.. no such luck!!!  he's a feisty little thing, and can throw a tantrum as good as the girls any day!!!!

So that's us in a nut shell!! 
here is our new 2012 family picture!!! xxx

Friday, May 27, 2011

My little Graduate!

Ella graduated pre-school yesterday. I had heard her pre-school went 'all out'. But i had NO idea what i was in for. It was so darn cute. They had the kids all dressed in cap & gowns, they walked in 2 down a walkway, up steps and onto the stage, they sang songs, and did all that stuff, then their names were called they came down to get their diplomas. Then they had a big cake and platters of food etc. They also gave the kids, year books, books, crafts sets, and a cd of prof pic of their cap & gowns.. MMhh thats where my $100 a month was spend LOL SOOO cute, Ella loved it, but did not live the cap messing her hair!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

girls weekend away!

my dear friend bobbi moved to the philipeans a couple of years back for her hubby's job. I miss her tons. She always makes me want to be a better mother, wife, friend, and thats when you know you have a great friend. so she was back in Canada for her yearly visit, and we jumped right on the bandwagon to ogranzie a night away! We just headed up to Calgary, and we got a hotel, we arrived at went to Ikea, to the mall, it was so fun to shop without kids! I could just browse and not have to worry about losing kids, or them touching things, it was so relaxing. we headed to Peter's drive in for lunch. They have the best burgers and milkshakes.. deelish, but we ate too much and kinda regretted over eating.. not to worry we walked it off at the mall! In the evening we went out for dinner and had the best salad ever at Joey tomatoes!, and then we headed to a movie. We were so tired when we got back to the hotel. we went to bed about 1am ( I normally hit the pillow at 10pm)! and i slept, and slept. I woke at 6:05, pretty much the same time Ethan wakes up, but i refused to open my eyes, and i did fall back asleep til 9:30 woooohooo!!!!! We then went to do some more shopping, and then to the olive garden for lunch and oohhh i love their soup & salads and dessert!! we then headed home... what a great weekend. I love you girls!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

soo behind!

I know, I know, It's been forever, and i have a bunch of cute pics and the works, but my camera has broken, and i can't find my cable to download from my phone...ggrrr

So, we had easter, i have cute cute pics! Lacie took some family pictures of us, the kids ones were super cute. I loved my girls outfits, twice a year i like to go all out, i really love to match them, however, Grace didn't want me to this year, sob sob. So they both had completely different dresses, but you know, i kinda loved it.. they are looking so grown up now. Ella starts kinder in the fall.. where does the time go?

So, biggest news is that i think we are going to buy a piano. We go see it tomrorow. Now anyone that knows me, knows that i want a piano SOOO bad. No-one in our family plays.. at all. But Grace starts lessons in September and i really really wanted one, but financially it wasn't going to happen. Not since i still need landscaping, railings, and my cement poured driveway... to cut a long story short a friend of my father in law had one going at a great price, and i'm going to see it tomorrow! I will let you know if i get it.!!!

So, sorry it's not a fun post. i read all your blogs all the time!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

super talented, super cute!

I'm sure if you know me, you know I could talk all day about my best friend Rachel. She simply is one of the greatest people I have ever met. We have been best friends since I can remember. We met when my mum started coming to church, and aparently, I walked right up to her and asked if I could go to her house to play.. she said yes, and the rest is history. In the 30 some years we have been friends, we have never had an seriously. I am sure there were things we had different ideas about but never ever had a fall out. anyways, now i am totally off topic, like i say, don't get me started talking about her, you will be here all day!. but, did i also tell you she is SOO talented. i think she got my share!... she sews, crafts, makes anything, and it all looks soo great. She is a stay at home mom to her 2 little cheeky monkeys, and she started a little crafting business. She made my cake cup toppers for Ella's birthday next week. arn't they the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you rach, love you x

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fitness Challenge!

Boy, oh boy, what did I get myself into? So,, last January I decided things needed to change. I joined a weight loss center, paid a few thousand dollors and pretty much starved myself, which = in 20lbs lost, feeling great, and not a healthy bank account. When the monthly fee's increased i decided that was enough and i would do it on my own.. fast forward to the end of the year and i had pretty much gained it all back. Moral of the story, do it the old fashioned way! I am sooo mad at myself, but with the stress of buildng the house, dayna was gone 24/7, i just fell off the wagon. Well now i am ready to get back on it!!

Dayna and I are going to do it together. By the end of June, I am going to lose 20lbs, and he is going to GAIN 20lbs. Wow, do i ever wish i could say that i needed to gain weight! LOL He has his moms genes! He cannot gain weight to save his life. And you must feel so sorry for his mother who after 6 kids now weighs 118lbs.. shock, despair, tears ( good job i love her)!!!!!

so, i am going to do it the old fashioned way. Eat less, work out, drink water. I know i can do it, i know i can. We have a fun filled summer and i want to feel fabulous! so here we go!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I need to get it together!

ladies, I need some help! LOL
I am kinda feeling a little panick attack coming on...
So, grace turns 8 this year and I am really feeling the pressure! Both Dayna and I grew up on homes where we did not have FHE, or Scripture study etc, so when we first got married we talked about how it was so important for us to do this together, and guess what ... WE SUCK! We do well for about 2 weeks and then one night goes into 2 night and then a week has passed, and then a month, and then.. you get the picture. What is wrong with me. I know how important this is. I know how much we need to do it. I know my kids need it, so why can't i get my act together? Ugh, i am feeling like the worst mother in the world right about now. My little ones are getting bigger every day, and before i know it i am sure, they will be gone, and i will wonder why i didn't go the small and simple things? HELP!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cambrie Faith Mitchell

Here is a picture of Lacie & Dusty's new baby girl. Cambrie Faith Mitchell.. another cutie pie to add to my list of neices!

Guilty Pleasure!

I feel i have a lot of guilty pleasures ( and some i actually don't feel that guilty about), but i have to say I love Lynette Scavo's character on Desperate housewives, she cracks me up! i seriously love her LOL. Last night she realised how she had babied her older kids and now they were mooching! I don't know why i find her so hilarious, but i do! So here's to a guilty pleasure!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

quick arrival

This moring we were waiting for lacies baby, this afternoon SHE arrived! she was tiny also 5lbs 15oz. but did you see lace? seriously the smallest preggo lady ever, and she was back in normal clothes the dats after she had Brigham i swear!

So 3 girls for 3.. no name yet, i think they were really expecting a boy!! i can't wait hear

2 down, one to go!

baby Avalyn

Emmie with her daddy!
Rachel my sister in law, and my sister kelly both had their babies. Rachel gave birth to a beautiful little girl Avalynn Dakota. She's a doll. Everything went nice and smooth, and both mommy and baby are doing well... my sister however was another story. kelly developed gestational diabetis this time around. she herself is a small girl, at barely 5ft tall, and tiny hips they started to get concerned at the weight of the baby. at 7.5 months they thought the baby was at least 7.5lbs. They decided to induce her 10 days early. She went to be induced and it took 3 times and 6 day stay in the hospital. when they finally decided to break her waters in day 6, she went from 5cm to having the baby in 8 minutes and of course is now in alot of pain!!! baby Esmae Rose was born, weighing in at only 6lbs 5onz and 17 inches long. she is so tiny. My sister was very upset that she went through that and the baby was tiny. But her main concern was Esmae's health. She is doing well. They were allowed to come home yesterday. Baby Esmae ( Emmie), is a doll too, i am so blessed to have these little ones in my family. I just wish i was closer in distance to them. So now we are just waiting for lacie, who is now 6 days late !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How cute are these!

I saw these cute spring crafts ona another blog and had to steal them for you all to see.. stinking cute or what!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ethan Joel

Oh this kid cracks me up. seriously there is never a dull moment when hes around. I had no brothers, and didnèt grow up around boys, so i was really nervous to have a boy. The first few years was just like havng another girl, the girls dressed him in ballet clothes, pearls, he played barbies.. you get the picture. But as time went on, i tried to incorporate boy stuff. He now is SUCH a boy ( however, we still will only wear pink snow boots), but he climbs where he is not supposed to, he told me he was going to cut me in half with a sword, and has flooded my bathrooms twice!! BUT he is soo snuggly, hes my little buddy. he will be our last little one, so i try and treasure the time we are together!

Ella Victoria

Well Ella, my little petite Ella. She is so cute, and emotional!!! she is my little girl, who is happy one second and BIG tears the next. she is now 4, and is finally sleeping through the night. yes, at 4!!!!!! She started pre-school in September and it has been great for her. She always hide behind Grace, and i really felt she needed her own time away from me and the other kids. She has a different personality to Grace, and is way was cautious about life. So, itès been a great experience to see her grow..a long with her attitude haahha she is still on the small side, sheès only 32lbs, but it seems my girls are gonna take after the dressel side. Grace is 42lbs and is 8 this year!! We are so happt to have her in our family, and we cant wait for APril to celebrate her 5th birthday!! Love ya Elle

Grace Avonlea

here is a little update on all my kiddos...

She is now 7.. when did that happen. she is now in grade one. she loves anything sporty, dance or things that keep her entertained!!! She is trying to control her OCD, and she has to see a specialist every few months, it`s great that we now are able to help her through certain things, but some days it`s super hard. She is so super smart, and has great report cards. I just love this little girl, she is soo tender hearted, she seriously the most giving person. We love you Grace

lots of new babies.. NONE ARE MINE!!!



Between my family and Dayna`s we are expecting 3 new babies in the next 2 weeks. Dustin ( dayna`s brother) and his wife rachel, and expecting a little Girl Avalynn, she was due yesterday! my sister kelly is due in feb, but has diabetis in pregnancy so they are bringing her little girl early too. Then lacie ( dayna`s sister), is due early Feb, with a suprise..we can`t wait for them all to be here!!!

some catching up!! ABI's getting married!!!

yes, my darling little sister Abi is getting married in July. I am really hoping to fly over, July is super expensive, but we will see what we can do. I am so excited for her. Sam her fiance, is a good guy. he had a kidney transplant last year, so he and Abi are gonna have to work stuff out with medications, and she will have lots to learn. I was super sad that i couldn`t be there when she went for her gown. Àll my family went, kind of a jackson tradition. She sent me `the`dress later that day. of course i am sworn to secrecy, all i can say is WOW!!!!! and i think the down payment on my first house, cost the same!!.. i need to start saving for my girls weddings now!!!

But Congrats, darling!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The new house

well finally i took some new pictures of our home. We are loving it, though we still have a few finishing touches to do. I also am struggling to know where to put certian accents, pictures, etc. strange, i thought that would be the easy part LOL