Friday, March 4, 2011

Fitness Challenge!

Boy, oh boy, what did I get myself into? So,, last January I decided things needed to change. I joined a weight loss center, paid a few thousand dollors and pretty much starved myself, which = in 20lbs lost, feeling great, and not a healthy bank account. When the monthly fee's increased i decided that was enough and i would do it on my own.. fast forward to the end of the year and i had pretty much gained it all back. Moral of the story, do it the old fashioned way! I am sooo mad at myself, but with the stress of buildng the house, dayna was gone 24/7, i just fell off the wagon. Well now i am ready to get back on it!!

Dayna and I are going to do it together. By the end of June, I am going to lose 20lbs, and he is going to GAIN 20lbs. Wow, do i ever wish i could say that i needed to gain weight! LOL He has his moms genes! He cannot gain weight to save his life. And you must feel so sorry for his mother who after 6 kids now weighs 118lbs.. shock, despair, tears ( good job i love her)!!!!!

so, i am going to do it the old fashioned way. Eat less, work out, drink water. I know i can do it, i know i can. We have a fun filled summer and i want to feel fabulous! so here we go!


Zoe said...

Good for you :) It's hard but you can do it. I really loved a calorie counting website called It gives you calories for tons of foods and helps you know how many calories to eat to lose the amount you want. Anyway it REALLY helped me I LOVE food WAY too much! Good look, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Jarmans! said...

GO HEIDI GO!! I am cheering for you - as always! I know you can do it to. I use this calorie counting web site too. It's called Caloriecount. I LOVE IT! I never knew much about calories and how it all works but it's so simple and the nice thing is you can leave yourself room for a little treat here and there and not feel bad about it for one second cause you know it's still within your caloroies for the day. Anyway Good luck, can't wait to see you...sometime.! Xx