Friday, January 28, 2011

Ella Victoria

Well Ella, my little petite Ella. She is so cute, and emotional!!! she is my little girl, who is happy one second and BIG tears the next. she is now 4, and is finally sleeping through the night. yes, at 4!!!!!! She started pre-school in September and it has been great for her. She always hide behind Grace, and i really felt she needed her own time away from me and the other kids. She has a different personality to Grace, and is way was cautious about life. So, itès been a great experience to see her grow..a long with her attitude haahha she is still on the small side, sheès only 32lbs, but it seems my girls are gonna take after the dressel side. Grace is 42lbs and is 8 this year!! We are so happt to have her in our family, and we cant wait for APril to celebrate her 5th birthday!! Love ya Elle

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