Friday, February 18, 2011

2 down, one to go!

baby Avalyn

Emmie with her daddy!
Rachel my sister in law, and my sister kelly both had their babies. Rachel gave birth to a beautiful little girl Avalynn Dakota. She's a doll. Everything went nice and smooth, and both mommy and baby are doing well... my sister however was another story. kelly developed gestational diabetis this time around. she herself is a small girl, at barely 5ft tall, and tiny hips they started to get concerned at the weight of the baby. at 7.5 months they thought the baby was at least 7.5lbs. They decided to induce her 10 days early. She went to be induced and it took 3 times and 6 day stay in the hospital. when they finally decided to break her waters in day 6, she went from 5cm to having the baby in 8 minutes and of course is now in alot of pain!!! baby Esmae Rose was born, weighing in at only 6lbs 5onz and 17 inches long. she is so tiny. My sister was very upset that she went through that and the baby was tiny. But her main concern was Esmae's health. She is doing well. They were allowed to come home yesterday. Baby Esmae ( Emmie), is a doll too, i am so blessed to have these little ones in my family. I just wish i was closer in distance to them. So now we are just waiting for lacie, who is now 6 days late !!!!!!!!!!

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