Wednesday, May 18, 2011

soo behind!

I know, I know, It's been forever, and i have a bunch of cute pics and the works, but my camera has broken, and i can't find my cable to download from my phone...ggrrr

So, we had easter, i have cute cute pics! Lacie took some family pictures of us, the kids ones were super cute. I loved my girls outfits, twice a year i like to go all out, i really love to match them, however, Grace didn't want me to this year, sob sob. So they both had completely different dresses, but you know, i kinda loved it.. they are looking so grown up now. Ella starts kinder in the fall.. where does the time go?

So, biggest news is that i think we are going to buy a piano. We go see it tomrorow. Now anyone that knows me, knows that i want a piano SOOO bad. No-one in our family plays.. at all. But Grace starts lessons in September and i really really wanted one, but financially it wasn't going to happen. Not since i still need landscaping, railings, and my cement poured driveway... to cut a long story short a friend of my father in law had one going at a great price, and i'm going to see it tomorrow! I will let you know if i get it.!!!

So, sorry it's not a fun post. i read all your blogs all the time!!

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