Friday, January 28, 2011

some catching up!! ABI's getting married!!!

yes, my darling little sister Abi is getting married in July. I am really hoping to fly over, July is super expensive, but we will see what we can do. I am so excited for her. Sam her fiance, is a good guy. he had a kidney transplant last year, so he and Abi are gonna have to work stuff out with medications, and she will have lots to learn. I was super sad that i couldn`t be there when she went for her gown. Àll my family went, kind of a jackson tradition. She sent me `the`dress later that day. of course i am sworn to secrecy, all i can say is WOW!!!!! and i think the down payment on my first house, cost the same!!.. i need to start saving for my girls weddings now!!!

But Congrats, darling!!!

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