Saturday, October 24, 2009



I am so happy to report we sold our house. Well we have an accepted offer, he said he has no trouble with finances, but the condition isn't off yet, should be this week. I am thrilled. It only tool 3 weeks, and in this market thats great. We got what we wanted and we move out in 5 weeks. AGHH. We have always had a deal when it comes to moving, ( and we have moved 8 time in 9 years) Dayna packs and I unpack. It has worked perfectly until NOW. Dayna is not here all week, so I am all alone left to do it. I am hopeless at packing, it's true. One great thing is i can throw away stuff and he won't be able to stop me. He is such a horder. He has assignments from school that he has had filed awya for the past 7 years. Never looked at them, but kept them.. aahh, no longer shall they be.

We might have found a place to rent/buy. It's small but it's cheap. We will live in it until our home is built. We were planning on renting, until we found out our mortgage payment would be $250 a month versus $1000 for rent!!! we will jsut either renting it out when we are done or sell it.

Now this week, since Ethan has been absent, I went looking at show homes. Oh, how i love to do this. I seriously could go daily. I liked alot, apart from one gastly ultra modern, WEIRD spaceage house. I guess i am very traditional!! I found a few plans i really liked, so we will see what happens. Too bad we can't just bu a house already new and built. Also when you are moving to a village of 300 people ( yes 300), then the options are more than limited! But we will get it done.. somehow.


Heather said...

OH MY GOSH! congrats! that is AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING! way to go! seriously, that iS SOOOOO difficult! you are RIGHT selling in this market! WOW!
and, OOOH i hate packing too! i am A MUCH better Unpacker as well! i am so sorry he is gone soo much and can't help! that is truly the worst!!! good luck sweetie!!! everything will work out! oooh man! I am soo happy you guys sold your house! WOW!!!

Lynn said...

WHoo HOo! I guess we will see more of you now. LOL! Funny how that goes. Move from the same city we live in together, to a village of 300 only to be seen more of. Too funny.

Congrats on getting the offer that you were seeking! That is WAY cool!

Happy house building.