Saturday, October 24, 2009

boys will be boys

Wow, Boys for sure are different from girls. Ethan has always climbed everywhere. He's had stitched twice in 6 months, fallen down the steps 3 times in one week. he's had a gooseegg for a month straight becuase he keeps bumping the same spot. He jumps off everything, if you are there to catch him or not. Seriously, my nerves are in tatters. So what do i do???... i sent him to Grandmas for a few days. He's 2 in 2 weeks, and he never spent the night away from me. Since dayna is there during the week, i felt really ok about it, as Dayna would still be with him inthe evenings. I can say, it's been blissful. It was so easy just having the girls. We went to the movies, out to dinner, looked at show homes, played lots. I have missed him like crazy of course, and he comes back tonight, and i can't wait to see him, but it was a wonderful break for sure.
Here are some pics i took last week, of course wearing my shoes!!!


Lynn said...

LOL! That is SO true about boys. Even my mild mannered Computer geek boy, was always getting stitches when he was a kid. He's got the scars to prove it.

Glad you were able to get a break! ; D

Heather said...

HILARIOUS! seriously, i can't imagine! but, crazy that he has been gone soo much! that is insane! but, soo nice to get a break though! for real!