Friday, October 30, 2009

a learning lesson.

I have been not the greatest mom lately. You know when your husband is gone all week, and when he's back you are so busy catching up on everything that you don't feel like you have had a break at all. You are waiting for everything to be finalised on your house selling, however you still have no-where to live when that happens which is in less that 4 weeks.. you get the picture.

Well my patience has been thin to say the least. However, yesterday my friend Steph invited us over for a little kid party. I wasn't sure i could go, due to it been Ethans nap time, but i felt i needed to go, and off i went with them. They had a great time and as we visited, i learned a huge lesson from her. She was talking about her kids ( she has 4, aged 7,5, and twin 2yr old girls), she was laughing saying one of the twins was waking up every 20 mins inthe night, and she said, even when she does, i just have to smile at her, she's just so cute and sweet, and mine. i thought about that alot, there are so many times, where i know i have a frown on my face from a spilt drink, hitting each other, fighting. Or i am just trying to get something done and i have 3 of them calling my name at the same time, but i stopped today, and everything they asked for, needed, or whatever, i did it with a huge smile on my face, and it made a huge difference to my day. So Ethan got into my mandarin oranges yesterday = 4 poopy diapers, but every time i smile and tell him how cute he is. or Ella who cried because she wanted all the cookies her friend brought around, and i just smiled and told her no, but i loved her!

I really admire people who have the patience of a saint! My other friend alwyas tells how she never heard her mother raise her voice EVER. she's a mother now, and she's baffled how she did it.. but she did, can u imagine never having ever raised your voice to your children. How great. So, i am very inspired right now! thanks Steph for a great day ..oh and great food :)


Lynn said...

My grandma Boehme is one of those Saints. : D I honestly don't know how she did it. OR STILL does it!

Me? I am just normal.... like my mom. We yelled and hollered till the cows in the field could hear us and came home. LOL!

I wish you a MUCH better week with moving plans and all. It truly does sound stressful. So sorry.. Just think....soon it will all be over and you will be all settled in your new town. settled as you can be.


Tiffany said...

Hey girl we ALL have those types of day and eye opening moments. I just love when we can sit back and see ourselves in a better light and trying to be better for all those around us. This time is your life is stressful....two months from now you are going to look back and thankful you got through it. Hang in there !

The Gibb Family said...

Great message Heidi! It makes me want to be a better mom too!