Friday, September 11, 2009

we have a house plan!

Well we are still not 100% sure if we are going to build or buy a house in Rosemary. It looks more like we will end up building. Which is overwhelming and scary, but exciting too. After looking over 100 million plans, this is the one we kept coming back too!
I am useless with plans, i like to look around show homes and decide what i like and don't. So if any of you are experts and see something that doesn't seem right, PLEASE let me know! lOL I am changing the kitchen so it has a big island.


Lynn said...

Oooo! So exciting! I don't know much about floor plans either....never had a new home.....but I sure am loving:

1. Covered AND uncovered decks in the back. Very cool.
2. GORGEOUS look of the front of the house.
3. Mud room and laundry room close to the garage. Nice! Very smart!
4. The openness of the kitchen, eating area and family room. Very nice. Don't know about you, but since most of the living is done in those three areas at our house......that is just so awesome to have it all open.
5. That large master bathroom and walk in closet is to DIE for! I am so breaking the 10th commandment here. LOL!

If you build, I wish you all the best. Living in Rosemary again will be SO much fun!

Amy F. said...

Hey Heidi,

I agree with all the comments above. The house looks gorgeous!!! The only thing I thought of is that most of the new homes here that are two stories have the laundry room upstairs. Although, I can see advantages to having it in the mud room too. Just throwing out ideas! Looks beautiful!

The Jensen Family said...

The house looks gorgeous BTW. Have you had siding before?? We have white siding all over our house & i hate it.It's white & shows the dirt.It is red dust down here but just a thought maybe have coloured siding??
I agree with laundy also.Most people want it upstairs now.
Good luck with it all. How are you coping with Dayna been gone.Kent's been living away for nearly a year now & it's really hard, we still get him fri eve-mon afternoon.But it's not easy.Good luck.

Carrie (aka Boo) said...

all of our bedrooms are upstairs with the laundry downstairs and it's not my favorite thing to have to cart the clothes down and then back up again. I think they'd get put away much faster if the laundry was upstairs.
Also, we have separate closet and master bathroom (also across the room from each other) and I'm not a fan. I'm bugged that I have to walk across the room to get clothes/underwear after I shower and then walk back to hang the towel up.
I also hate having 2 separate walls with a door on them.
The master layout looks almost like ours... it would be lovely to have the bed between the 2 windows, but the door to the closet would be right there by the bed.
I wish I could move those 2 windows over to the big main wall that our bed is on and put a larger window in the place of the 2 on the small wall.
Also, the one window in bedroom 4 seems to be in an odd place... like it needs another window on the other wall maybe?

I do love that it has a foyer, that the laundry is it's own separate room, that you have storage on the back of your garage (we can only park our van in the garage since we have to store the lawn stuff, bikes/bike trailer, and garbage can in the garage), the covered/uncovered deck (we had to expand our patio because there just wasn't enough space for a table + bbq on the covered part), and the flow of the main floor.

sorry for such a long comment!