Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ella starts pre-school

Today was the day, i sent my baby girl off to Pre-school. She woke up and was so excited. She ate breakfast, which in itself was good. She got ready in her new clothes, and let me do her hair. It's the same one grace went to, so she knew the teachers, but as soon as she got there, her face dropped. We found her name tag put it on, read a story together and then it was time for us to leave. she didn't cry, but she looked so scared. I kept smiling and waving, and inside i wanted to pick her up and tell them i had changed my mind. I KNOW she will be fine. She needs something, and has outgrown nursery at church, so this will be great for her. doesn't she look adorable!


Heather said...

OOOH heavens! she is the CUTEST little thing! Oooh i LOVE her little brown bow! what a little love! she is too cute for words! it is soo hard prek! you did a great job! love you!

Lynn said...

Oh she does! She does! I could just squeeze her in the photo where she looks SO sad and where she is wearing the BIGGEST name tag ever! LOL! So adorable!