Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jace & Jens wedding.

Dayna's youngest brother Jace was married on Saturday, so an amazing girl. We are so thrilled to have her in our family. I am no longer the only 'in-law' daughter. Jen is from British Columbia, so we travelled there for the wedding. It started Friday, we packed up, and i have to say i was dreading it. 6 hr drive, with 3 kids, and especially Ethan who HATES his car seat, and I am very strict about them keeping in their car seats. We set off, and they did SOO good. Seriously, prayers were heard. The scenery was like nothing i had even seen anything like it. However, i am such a nervous passenger some of the windy roads with the HUGEST drops at the side of the mountain freaked me out!.. WE stayed in a hotel which was a first with the kids, and they loved it. Our room overlooked the pool, so thats all they wanted to do. Which was find with us. We spent alot of time in there.
The wedding was beautiful, Jen looked stunning, and Ella was soo precious, she did an amazing job as flower girl!
yeah for family weddings!


Lynn said...

YAY for a successful trip! Congrats to the happy couple! A very pretty little flower girl indeed!

Heather said...

OH! MY GOODNESS! first of all! what a beautiful wedding! what a beautiful bride.
BUT. I DO have to say... YOU LOOK OUTSTANDING! I LOVE THAT dress! WOW! you look AMAZING heidi!!!! AMAZING!!!
love the red and black! OOH YES I DO! love it! soo beautiful!
you look AMAZING! looks like a fun time!
OOH! i love great views! YES I DO!
i am soo glad it turned out good!
you deserve a WONDERFUL TRIP! glad it was a great time!
yes you do!