Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grace goes to school.

She has been waiting all summer for this day to arrive. We have been counting down the days for along time. SHe woke up early, and was pretty excited. She got dressed, and chose her outfit herself. Being Grace, we had a few new things for her to wear, and she chose what felt good that day. Ella was sad that she was leaving, but we kept telling her next week is her day ( she starts pre-school). So off we went. I wasn't emotional at all. We drove there, and then Grace looked scared. she said she was, but right at that moment another little girl pulled up. Grace looked soo happy. They went down the steps and met their teacher Miss Patti. She got them to find their little peg, and put there backpacks on it. Then they said say bye to your mom. The other little girl started to cry and Grace went and stood beside her, i was so proud of her. The other mom walked away, and kept saying " i'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry, as tears are streaming down her face, i was ok til i saw her, and then i jsut bawled all the way back to the car. I was ok after that. Then when we picked her up, she said she has a great time, and could not wait to go back. Where does the time go, she's sooo small. It makes me realise that time is flying by.


Angie said... cute! I have a kindergartner too! She is loving school. I love the picture of your girls kissing each other. SO lovey.

Lynn said...

What a sweet post. BRought back a TON of memories. She will go far! Her mamma has taught her well. ; )

Heather said...

OOOOH my goodness! I LOVE IT! what a darling! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of the girls kissing! that is TOOOOO PRECIOUS for words! OOOH MY! what a little doll!