Tuesday, August 18, 2009

we are moving!

Well to say it's been a crazy week, is an understatement. Last week, I was out running a few errands, I arrived home and Dayna said, "so, umh, i was offered a job", i was like WHAT, WHERE, etc etc. He said it was for an oil company as an operator. He has 4 years of school in enviromental science, but the jobs were not easy to come by. It seemed they all wanted experience OR it was who you knew.. and we didn' know anyone LOL. So, then he told me it was in Rosemary. This is the village Dayna grew up in. It's TINY, 200 people, like 1 store, you can't even buy gas there! His parents and a couple of siblings live there still. Even though i am from a big city, i have always been drawn there. So, he went today to check it out, and well, he called tonight to say, let's do it! So, we are selling our house and moving. At the beginning of the week, i wasn't sure if i felt good about it, i was worried about Grace, we just got her in to a really good private kindergarden. I was worried about the changes, the kids, you know. i am still worried about the housing situation. There are non for sale that are suitable. we might have to build, and that just scares me! There might be one house available, which seems to be perfect, but we are not sure if it's really for sale. so, there you go. Dayna might be gone within a few weeks, i will stay here until we sell, and find sometihng new!

crazy huh!


Irish'n'Karley Lilburn said...

Awww! So you are really doing it, you guys are leaving us! I'm happy for you though!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys!!!

Lynn said...


I find it funny that Dean ALWAYS tells me that if he could just have the perfect job there, that we would be moving back to our home town of Rosemary too. And here Dayna didn't even have to look! Just gets offered the job. Congratulations! Oh.....and by the way.......your kids will be VERY happy at the school there. Truly. Both my sister, sister-in-law AND my brother in law are teachers there.

Oh...one more thing.......now maybe we will finally see more of each other. LOL! We go back home to visit often. Good luck with the move and everything!

Angie said...

So glad that things are working out! It seems like it happened so fast (much better than drawn out, believe me...lol). 200 people IS small...wow. With family there that will be nice. Good luck with everything. :)

The Hartley's said...

What an adventure!!! Good luck, I am sure the Lord will look out for you and life will be better than ever.

Heather said...

SOOO super crazy but soo exciting too! i am soo happy for you guys! that will be so much fun! i love the story! i didn't ever get to actually hear the whole thing! love you babe! you guys will rock that town! haha