Monday, June 1, 2009


Dayna bought the girls fishing rods last week, and Saturday morning came, and at 8am he was running around shouting, everyone get ready we are going fishing in 20 minutes.. SUCH A GUY thing to do, it takes me 20 minutes to pack my diaper bag. But he insisted we would grab breakfast on the way, jsut grab some juice boxes and lets go. So we did, i realised half way there, we had not even brushed the kids hair!!! well since it was sat morning EARLY, i didn't think we would see anyone!

We went to a lake near by, and fished, it was soo fun, the girls loved it, though we didn't catch anything, we had a few bites, and Dayna loved every second of it. I had the task of entertaining Ethan which was quite the task!! he's at a crazy age! But we had fun, and all enjoyed it. Ethan had more fun sneaking the marsmallows out of the bag!!! Lots more fishing trips i am sure this summer!!


Tiffany said...

What a fun saturday family outing...I just love outings like this. Your family looks like they had a great is the running coming ? said...

it was so fun!

the running is going well. i am upto 3.2km without stopping, i am gonna aim for more on wednesday! lol

Lynn said...

Man! This sure brings back memories for me. Dad took us all fishing often at "Rock Lake" near Brooks. I don't even know if you can fish there anymore.

After awhile we all learned that supper was whatever we caught! So we did our best. We loved good old fashioned English Fish and chips. My dad's family is from England. I don't know if you knew that. My grandpa had the BEST recipe for Fish batter. YUm!

Oh , and I must say , you are all SO stylin in your fishing outfits. Cute hats on the kids!

Good for you with your running. That is an awesome goal!

Heather said...

oooh how fun!!! seriously! tha tis awesome! you look SOO SOO Great! Don't you LOVE chasing the little ones around!? goodness!

you are awesome! love you babe!