Monday, May 25, 2009

oh which one should i choose?

Ok, I seem to be at a stand still with my weight loss. I lost so much last year, and this year, I can't seem to lose a dang thing. So, with by Brother in law getting married in September, i decided to get my butt in gear, and lose at least 20lbs. I have found this great place with wonderful modest dresses. So this will be my reward, new dress, new shoes, purse, you get the idea!! Now which should i choose?


Lynn said...

Oh wow!! I have never seen so many gorgeous dresses in all my life!!! Good luck in deciding on just one...

Are you going to share your little secret with us and tell where these beautiful modest beauties are from?? : D

P.S. I did not know that you had lost weight....I did not know that you had weight to lose. I am surprised that you think you still have 20 pounds to lose! I think you look amazing! However, I will support you and cheer you on with your goal. : D said...

arn't they the cutest. I found them on facebook, adn a girl sells them here in lethbridge, out of her home, or you can but them on line. here is the link said...

oh and ps, lynn, i am actually working on losing 35lbs, but i want to lose 20 before jaces wedding! lol

Nancy said...

I love the brown one with the tie around the waist and the big hem on the bottom...that would look smashing on you. The black one is really cute as well.

Tiffany said...

Hey Heidi, is this from MOdest is hottest, I have tried on many of those dresses !!! She is great....some of the pics are a bit deceving though...I bought a brown wrap dress from her and LOVE it.

Heather said...


1. the brown one with the cream tie and the bottom liner.
2. the RED one.
3. the black one with the splash of red.
( it is like a hint of sexiness!)
and, then i DO love that PLAIN brown one. with the cream lining.. OR THE BROWN ONE that is SATINY!
soo hot! (but that shows bumps and stuff. so, if it were for ME. i wouldn't get it. bc of that. but, if it is for you, you'd be just fine! ;O)

SERIOUSLY though, i am with your friend, you DO NOT need to lose 20 lbs! BUT, we ARE going to! and we are doing good! YOU are at least! hahah

anyways, for sure by september. that is SUCH a realistic goal!
my goal is 20 lbs by tomorrow! that doesn't work so good! hahahahah love you heidi! I LOVE ALL THESE dresses. kinda pricey for me. but, you DESERVE A GREAT DRESS! YAY!

The Hartley's said...

After all the work that you have put in, it doesn't seem fair that you only get to choose one. I think you would look great in the black one with the red trim. But then you always are looking great. Good luck with your goal, I don't know where you are hiding these twenty pounds you think you need to lose.
P.S. let me in on all you weight lose secrets...seriously how do you find the time and energy with three kids. My brother in law is getting married two weeks after I am due...little unrealistic to think I could be my 'old' size by then, but here is to hoping.