Saturday, June 6, 2009

A trip to the ZOO!!

On tuesday, we got up and thought it was a perfect day to go to the zoo. We already had tickets, so I sent Dayna to the store to get some snacks, i packed, and off we went. It was sooo much fun. The first hour was a little bleh, Ethan refused to sit in his stroller, he didn't nap on the way there, so he was pretty grumpy. I was like " I KNEW we should not have brought him" i was getting a little annoyed! But then i just let him do his own thing, he just wandered around, and ended up having a blast!!! He didn't quite get that he could look at an animal and move on to another, when we tried to take him away, he cried and cried, until he saw another one. he caught on pretty quickly though!!
The weather was perfect, and it wasn't very busy, compared to when we have been before.
WE saw Elephants, tigers, bears, hippo, giraffes, lions, monkeys ( with a brand new baby... it was out favourite thing), koala, kangaroo, oohhh it was sooo fun. One of the funest famiyl trips we have taken. the REALLY sad thing was, I brought out my camera, and then realised I had left my memory card int he computer at home.. i was sooo sad. But i stole these pics from my friend Kari's blog ( is that ok, Kari)!, she was there this week too! lol
After that, we went to visit Dayna's sister and her family. It was lovely to hang out with them, and visit with Brigham, he's sooo cute, and growing like a weed. We had dinner with them, and then took all the kids to the park, and then came home. It was 8pm when we left, and , my kids go to bed at 7, so the 2 little ones were asleep before we even drove 4 blocks. Grace stayed awake the whole way home, we were soo shocked. We stopped off and grabbed some drinks, and had a nice 2 hr drive home. really was a great day.


Heather said...

oooh how fuN! what great pics! I HATE when that happens with your camera! i am sorry you forgot the card! HOW AWFUL!!!

i am glad that it was SUCH A fun time! you deserved a great day out! yay!
love you!

The Gibb Family said...

haha! that`s funny that you borrowed my pics! don`t worry - i`ll let you! i`m glad you had a fun day at the zoo! We`ll have to meet up there sometime! Might be fun!