Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm home safe and sound!

He didn't like this ride! lol

me & my sister Kelly

Little Ava

My dad & Ethan

My parents

Well it's been awhile, but I had so much fun in England. The journey there wasn't too bad. Ethan was pretty well behaved and slept for 3 hours. The pilot also got us in there an hour early, sooo nice!. Jet lag was the hardest part with Ethan, he didnt sleep very well at all whilst we were there, but he was such a good boy, and loved visiting with Everyone. I finally met my niece Ava, oh she's as cute as can be, i could not get enough of her. She looks soo much like my sister when she was a baby. Ethan & Ava played really well together, i wished they lived here!

On Saturday we went to the ocean, what a great day. 2 of my 3 sisters came with their families too, and we had such a fun time onthe beach, at the fun fair, playing in the sand and eating lots of good things.

I also got to visit with my friends, it was such a fun night, reminissing about our youth days, and the stuff we got upto back then. I didn't get home til1am, and Ethan woke at 6.. ugh, i am soo old, i can't handle those days anymore!!!

I was so worried about my passport issue, but it went well, mainly because Ethan threw up the WHOLE way home. I am not kidding, as soon as we boarded he fell asleep, i was like SWEET, then when we took off, he opened his eyes and threw up and didn't stop. I have never stunk so bad in my whole life I was covered from head to toe literally. I was soo worried with the whole swine flu, luckily we had a row to ourselves, which was good otherwise people next to me would have been covered too. Again we got in 1 hr early, and as i was waiting in customs, he started again, and so they rushed me through, i was sooo happy to see Dayna & the girls, i just burst into tears, i think it was a stress reliever. I kept it together on the flight. The next morning, i took him to the Er convinced he had swine flu, they are so good, rushed me striaght back, and all had masks on, the poor thing has a doble ear infection & throat infection. He's doing soo much better now.

So a dramatic finish to the week, but it was so great, i loved it.


Amy F. said...

Heidi, I really feel for you!! We do that overseas flight about every other year with our kiddos, and that's hard enough when they're well! I don't know how you did it with a sick baby. You are a great mom. I would have been having a breakdown. :) I'm glad you're home safe and had a nice trip!

Heather said...

Seriously girl! you look AMAZING first of all!!! i am soo glad your trip was SO much fun!!!! and, the ride home. OH goodness! i can't imagine! you are a ROCK! i would have been bawling, and freaking out! ooh man! you are awesome!

and, then the customs thing! what a blessing that he was throwing up! ahh the secret! RIGHT!> hahah!
love you!!!! i am sorry he was so sick though! i am glad he is alright now! love you!

Lynn said...

WOW! What an end to a GREAT trip! So glad he is on the mend now. How horrible. Poor little man.

Welcome home!