Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers day @ pre-school.

Yesterday was Grace's annual Mothers day Tea. It was too cute. They had little tables set up with chocolates and cupcakes out. The children took us to the tables, we got to eat a snack, they sang songs, and poems, and said Happy mothers day 1000 times ( sooo cute), and then we all ate a lovely lunch. They presented us with photo phrames with pictures of us with our children, and the questionaire below ( this is my fav part)

Grace's talks!

What is your moms name : Heidi

What makes your mom special: she is very pretty ( ooohhh bless her heart)

How old is your mom: 18 ( BONUS)

What color is your moms hair: orangy brown

What color are your moms eyes: brown

What is your moms favourite colour: yellow

What is your moms favourite book: all of them

What does your mom like to do: watch TV ( oh, thanks alot Grace)!!!

What does your mom like to play: she likes to play cards ( mmmhhh not really)

Where does your mom like to eat: Humpty's ( ROFL)

Who is the boss of your house: my mum and dad

how cute hey! i love these things!


Lynn said...

Oh so precious she is!

What a great way to record her answers.

Having a mother's Day tea at school is a great idea! I think I will bring that up at School Council!

Heather said...

HOW Dang adorable!! you are SUCH a wonderful mom! i am glad you had a good mother's day! that is soo cute that her school did that! I LOVE IT! she looks darling!!!!

Angie said...

That is so cute! I love being pampered by my kids! And they love doing it...SO funny what they think we like and do...I think Brooklyn said my least favorite chore was dusting the ceiling fan!! lol...Like I EVER do that!