Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good luck Holly!

My friend Holly is running her 1st marathon today. I am so proud of her. She was not a runner, and then decided to do this. She ran a 5k then worked up to today.. however, it's not all been plain sailing for her. After she ran her 20 miles, she got a stress fracture. We are still not sure if she will be able to do the marathon. she's had some steriod shots to help her foot heal, and she's been on crutches last week. She is so determind than no matter what, she is going to be at that line. She really has inspired me this year, that NO matter what you set your mind to, you can do what you can do make it happen. I know she will do this, she is sooo determined :) , she has faith, and she has a huge cheering squad! GO HOLLY GO!
Holly grew up in the same stake as m in England, , she was just a year or so older, and she was someone you could look upto. every girl wanted to be her, and every guy wanted to date her !lol ( sorry if this embarasses you Holly)! lol She married a guy from California and moved there about 12 years ago, and they have 4 lovely children.

So my thoughts and prayers are with her today, and i will give you an update on how it went later!
**** update, she jsut posted on FB and she did it!!!!!!!!!! i will post her story later of it**! :)


Heather said...

Good luck holly! She will do wonderfully! you are such a sweet friend to post about this!
man! this gives US hope right!? haha!
anyways, sorry i haven't written you too much this week, i have been crazy busy and crazy slacker! love ya!

Lynn said...

What a lovely tribute! She is blessed to have friends like you.