Sunday, April 12, 2009

Darling girls!

OOOH, you know I could not blog without putting up a picture of my girls in matching dresses!!! Oh, how i love to match. How i vowed i never would! haha. LOVE IT! They were so darling in their dresses, and we painted their toes and nails in the morning. I love been so girly with them, it's so much fun!


Lynn said...

What an awesome mom.! They will ALWAYS remember how "girly" and fun you were with them. Trust me. I know. ; )

Baker Photography said...

AWWW SOO CUTE.... Your kids are serisouly adorable... I can't wait to take pictures of these cuties!

Heather said...

THEY ARE TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! OOOh man! i am with you on the matching side! hahahah you know that! ooh what little angels! love little girls! and these dresses, JUST PLAIN PRECIOUS!