Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finally some pics of me!

I noticed the other day that nearly all my pictures are of the kids. I am always the one taking them, as i HATE having mine taken. However, I thought today about the future, I don't have many pics of me growing up and NONE of me with my parents, so i took some today! It was kinda fun. My kids are getting so big. Our family is complete now, and i can't wait to see how we all grow and change in the future years!!


Lynn said...

Cuteness all around at your house!

You are so right too about not being in the pictures. You have inspired me. I will try and get some of me with my kids too.

Nice pics of you two as a couple by the way. If your kids took those, I am totally impressed.

The Gibb Family said...

You look really good! Good idea to make an effort to take some pictures of yourself.

Heather said...

I Love the pics of you! you are soo darling!!!!! SOO SOO CUTE! i know, i try to get in the pics as often as i can, because so the kids know they had a mom! right!?