Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy pancake day!

Tuesday we celebrated 'Shrove Tuesday'.. AKA PANCAKE DAY! It's huge in England, and I try pretty hard to keep my traditions going. So I made pancakes ( the American style), and the kids toppedit with syrup and Nutella ( really healthy I know)! Then Dayna made sausages. I am proud to say I had 1 pancake!! The kids loved it!.


Lynn said... sister in law, Tonya, Mike's wife, has not told me about this English tradition. Tsk Tsk.
This looks YUMMY! : D

Lynn said...

P.S. I need your e-mail address if you want in invite to my blog. : D
My e-mail address is on my profile.

Tiffany said...

Looks like such a fun little tradition ! The kids look like they are thouroughly enjoying it ;)

Heather said...

OH! LOVE nutella!
sounds divine! how fun!