Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stinking Economy

Funny how things can change in a year. This time last year, I was not really concerned about $$. We had a nice little chunk in the bank, I was happily paying bills without thinking about them, and spending quite alot on.. well nothing! lol

Dayna is in the building trade, he owns a painting company, and we all know how crappy that is right now. He has not worked for nearly 3 months. Luckily he has a house he starts painting tomorrow ( phew), but it really has been a wake up call. I went through out budget and I could not belive how much we spent of things like groceries/household $900 a month, $100 eating out, $500 on this and that etc. Wow, talk about eye opening. I LOVE the money expert Suze Orman.. she is soo smart. I was watching her show a few weeks ago, and it made so much sense. She said the problem in todays world is we don't talk about money enough, it's always been a taboo subject about how much one earns, but really, if we talked about it more, there would not be the ' keeping up wit Jone's' You would NEVER expect your friends ( if you knew), earned tens of thousands less that you, to join the country club, go on this vaccation, or spend on this or that.. but people don't talk, and then your neighbour presummes you have the same $$ and then you feel like you have to keep up etc etc... fortunatly, I have never been one for keeping up with the Jonses at all.. BUT I do like to shop, I admit it, but I am also a HUGE bargain shopper. I love when i find a great deal.

So as our bank account dwindled this past few months, and i began to panick, i now realise how wise our church leaders are. Get your food storage together, reserve money for times like these, and get your house in order! A great wake up call for me!!!


Beth said...

I totally know what you mean! We took money out of our rental last year to pay off all our student loans and stuff, but it always seems like we can never catch up!
I have been a budget queen and we very rarely eat out anymore!

Tiffany said...

I too have really become more aware how much I am spending. When I was working it was never a issue but now it really is. Eating at home for me is a HUGE deal, we spent way to much money eating out....but I still really enjoy it. I need to learn to be a budgetter ( if that is a word)

The Jensen Family said...

Eat out but use coupons, if you sign up for reasturants clubs etc , they send you deal's .It's a great way to still eat out , once in a while with out it costing a fortune. said...

Rachel, i wish we had the coupon thing as good here as they do in the states. it's not the same at all :(!