Sunday, February 15, 2009

recipe swop night!

Thursday I am hosting my 3rd recipe swop night ( 19th ). The theme this time is 'soups & crockpots'. Basically, i know in advance who is coming, they all bring a dish and the recipe copied a certain number of times ( to give to the people who are there). In the end, we all visit, have great food, great company,and we go home with a bunch of new recipies! I am so excited. So if you read this and you want to come, just let me know!!


Michelle said...

K do you want to know what's really funny? I told you I couldn't come to the swap because I have a RS meeting that night.... and completely disregarded the fact that it's our ANNIVERSARY that day, haha! Good thing I remembered before then!

angie said...

Can I come? I am really in need of some new recipes. Sounds like a fun night.