Sunday, January 11, 2009

This week's menu!

I am going to get organized doing my weekly meal plans, I save $$ on groceries, and I don't have to think at 4:00pm about what i need to make! so here is the week's plan ( well i started friday)
saturday- potato soup, cesar salad and rolls
sunday- beef stew & yorkshire puddings
monday- chicken kiev's, noodles & veggies
tuesday- pork chops, rice & salad
wednesday- taco's or spaghetti
thursday- honey garlic chicken, rice & veggies
friday- night out, or take 'in'


Bek said...

great idea. I would love your Yorkshire puddings recipe. I still have my pan!

The Lowry's said...

I posted my weekly meal plan menu on our blog and will be doing weekly from now on if your interested in any ideas. I know I get ideas from you. What is chicken kiev? Oh and do you still have Bobbi's book the first one?