Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 means....... a skinny me and food storage!

Those are the 2 things i really want to get into check this year.
I am so lame and hardly have any food storage. Maybe a few weeks tops.. sad i know. I hang my head in shame. But it's a new year, and i am determined that I am going to get it together. My friend Nancy showed me a cool websitehttp://safelygatheredin.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2008-11-05T09%3A00%3A00-05%3A00&max-results=3

And we are fortunate to have the church cannery a few blocks from us. I need to use it more often. I guess it has always seemed so overwhelming to me. How to rotate, and then keep up with what you are using, how much stuff to get, Where to store it etc etc. But I need peace of mind over this. I know times will becme hard at some point, and my biggest fear would be to hear my children say "mommy, I'm hungry", and i have nothing to give them. I think about the pioneers, and I know they had to go through that, I don't know how they did it. It breaks my heart. So food storage it is!!!

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Angie said...

What a great goal...I don't even have a weeks worth of food storage, so you've got me beat! I think about it all the time though. How much more comfort I would feel if we were prepared in some way. Oh, and I would LOVE to be skinnier too! Not just skinnier, but toned...now if I can just exercise!!