Friday, November 28, 2008

Grace's 5th Birthday!

Dayna stayed up all night painting this, so it matched her bedroom.

Ella claimed this.. she LOVES it
Look at Ella's face!!

Puppy in a purse, she has carried it everywhere.
paris Hilton, eat your heart out!

Her Tinerkbell cup-cake, cake!

Where does the time go? My sweet baby Grace turned 5 on Wednesday. My heart aches sometimes at how fast the time is going by. She is such a joy in our family. She is my drama queen. Seriously, We've seen her cry about whom she was going to marry ( crying because she didn't know), crying that President Hinckley had passed away.. like 2 months after. Just last night i found her crying, when i asked her why she said " the boy on the TV was crying, and that made me cry too".... sooo sweet!!!
She woke up and opended her gifts, she got so much, i have no clue where to put everything. Then she went to pre-shool, had fun, came home, all our family called and she loved that. We put up some christmas decorations in the evening.
Today she had a her 1st friend party. I was so nervous! She just had 4 little friends come over dresses as princesses. We made crown, had pizza, cupcakes, played, watched a movie etc. SHe really loved it.
Here are som pics from the days!


Tiffany said...

Great job on the tinkerbell cupcakes...those are darling ! I love the table and chairs where did you get that ? Hope you are having a great day. said...

Tiffany, i bought them at JYSK for like $60 for the set, then Dayna painted them.. they are so cute! the girls love them! lol