Monday, November 24, 2008

Girls Weekend Away!

we did some shopping

this is the pool IN THE MALL!!

Lana & I ready to ride the rollercoaster!

The ice rink in the Mall
a bit of England

Bobbi looking Fabulous!
lana trying to sleep!

my friends Lana & Bobbi & I decided we needed a break and off we went to Edmonton ( about 5 hours away for a girls weekend. We had sooo much fun. WE set off on Friday lunch time, and stopped and grabbed a sub, and off we went. We had so much fun talking and planning thr trip on the way up there. We checked into the hotel and then headed over to Homesense ( a home decor store). We browsed and bought and then went back to the hotel, we were so tired. We got on our pj's and vegged watched ' what not to wear' & ' say yes, to the dress'. We were asleep by 11pm! lol The next morning we were all hoping to have a lovely sleep in, we were all wide awake at 7!.. we stayed in bed for a bit, then hit the gym, got read and went to The Olive garden for lunch, it was deeelish!. We then headed for West Edmonton Mall. It was ( not sure if it still is) the biggest Mall in the world. Seriously, it was a ice rink, pool, amusement park IN THE MALL! I even rose the rollercoaster with Lana. Bobbi is nearly 4 months pregnant with her 2nd baby, so she didn't ride.. she was the smart one! lol we shopped like crazy, had sooo much fun. WE then went to see Twilight... aaahhhgg, sigh.. aagggh, it was amazing, i felt like a teenager.. aaagghh Edward!!!! We got out of there and then Bobbi wanted to show us something cool and the 'Legislature building' so a at 11pm at night we were tracking across field inthe pitch black, Lana and I were sooo nervous, and Bobbi.. not at all. WE looked at this light adn then looked up, every light you could see turns purple, it was sooo neat, BUT i was happy to get back inthe van. We got back to the Hotel, and went to bed at 1am! Once again thinking we would sleep, but alas, no, up at 7 again! WE did a bit more shopping and then headed home. It was such a fun weekend. I really missed my family, but I needed it. It was great to be home, and really apprecaite them all a bit more!!

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