Thursday, September 25, 2008

should i be this excited..:)

I kept pushing Dayna to go look at mini-vans. We have 3 kids in our Impala, which was ok, but the girls were pretty squished and they started driving me nuts with the whining. So we went to look. I didn't want to spend 50k on one, so i knew we were limited to the cheaper end!!!!

I found one that i LOVED, it's nothing flash, but a 2008 dodge grand caravan stow n go. I love that all the seats fold down and hide under the vehicle.. not that we would even need to do it, but i liked that! also the 3rd row seating flips backwards so you can have a tail gate party.. you know, like we do every weekend! hahaha

So here is my new set of wheel! in silver too!
Dayna is still pouting, he really didn't want to get a van! lol


Marie B. said...

I am secretly jealous since we promised not to get one, but that was BK, before kids. Now I want one so bad to tote all the kidlets around in.

The Lowry's said...

welcome to the world of minivans. I love mine. Not quite as spanking new as yours but still does the same thing. Enjoy!

Angie said...

how nice to have something with a little more elbow room...we had 3 in the back of a toyota camry...the girls could not keep their hands to themselves. It was so nice to be able to split them up!