Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am officially now British Canadian! lol I got my citizenship on friday. but let me rewind... I applied for my citizenship about 6 months ago. The papers said it would be approx 18 months for it to be processed. Then i get a letter 2 weeks ago to say my 'test' would be on Wednesday. I was freaking out. They sent me this book that I had to study from. I had to learn all about the history of Canada, the aboriginal groups and their history. All the provinces, territories and the city capitals, How the goverment works, inc all the federal and local leaders, the parties and so forth. The criminal justice system & voting procedures. I was panicking. I was studying every night when the kids went to bed. The day of the test i was a bag of nerves. Here was one of the questions.

to vote in Canada you must be

a) 18 or older b) own a home c) have a job

seriously 20 questions that easy. There were NONE about the goverment leader or parties. I was done the test in about 1 minute. I passed, and then I was 'sworn in' on Friday. It was a long but nice ceremony, but keeping the kids entertained for Dayna was a nightmare ( i had to sit in a different place to them).

So yeah for me, I am excited. Since we are part of the commonwealth I also got to keep my British Citizenship, which is great :)

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