Monday, September 22, 2008

nineteen minutes

I joined a book club a couple of months back, and it's been a really joy. I am loving it. The book this month is " nineteen minutes" by jodi picoult. So i am 100 pages in, and i could barely sleep last night. The book is about a school shooting. The story is about a few characters, a young boy ( the shooter), he was bullied pretty much from his 1st day in kindergarden). she tells the story of how excited he was on his 1st day, he gets on the bus with his new back pack and lunch kit, and some kids thow it out of the window, and he's too scared to say anything. His mother, hears that the school is on lockdown and heads over there, just praying he's safe, she hears a child say his name, she goes cold and asks if he's ok, and where she can find him, the girl just shouts " he was the shooter".. her world is turned upside down. then there is a judge, a woman who was best friends with the shooters mother for years, her daughter who was at the school was injured, and she has to be the judge in the court.... As a mom, i went through every emotion last night. What if my child had been at the school, what if my child was the shooter etc etc.. I cried alot last night. I went through a patch in school of being bullied. my name was Heidi ( not common in the UK), i had red hair, and I was LDS ( the only one in my school),... it was rough. There were times i would throw up because i was sooo scared to go. But never really told anyone.. weird huh! Even when i dropped Grace at pre-school today, i was quite nervous about leaving her, and told her how much i loved her, i bet she thought i was going crazy! lol.. so 100 pages in, and i am a nervous wreck, but i have to finish it.. i will give you an update!


kelly said...

Cute blog! If your book club is looking for recommendations for next year, don't forget the new authors! STANDING STILL by Kelly Simmons is from the same team that publishes Jodi Picoult, and got great reviews. Just trying to get the word out!

The Gibb Family said...

I've heard that book is really good - but really sad! I've been afraid to read it because I don't want to spend too much time bawling! Maybe I'll give it a try though.

Bethany said...

Sounds good. I'll have to go check it out at the library!