Sunday, September 28, 2008

just what I needed to hear

Ethan had been sick in the night last night. His laryngomalacia is always way worse when he has a cold. he went to bed ok, and then a few hrs later i heard it, so i was up ALOT in the night. Needless to say the next day i was tired and I stayed home from church with Ethan. I decided to make a nice dinner for Dayna when he got home. Ok, I'm crappy, I don't often make a big sunday dinner on sundays. I am too cheap to buy a roast every week! lol But i put a roast int he oven, mashed potates, yorkshire puddings, brocoli & cheese cauliflower.. so it was all cooking nicely, when I tried to get the stuff ready for the gravy, i searched the house up and down and could not find the stuff i needed. I have NO idea where it went to. i was sooo mad. Dinner was ruined. I was hormonel and tired and burst into tears when everyone was eating ( ok, i know drama queen, but i did say i was hormonel). How can we eat sunday roast without gravy. So i put myself in time out, and a few mintues later grace came in and laid on my bed with me, she asked what was wrong, and i told her i was a little sad, as i wanted dinner to be nice for our family. She gave me a big hug and said " mommy it was just great"... oh it was soo cute!!!!!!! i was fine after that! lol

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Bek said...


I would DIE to have a real roast even w/out the gravy it must have been HEAVEN!

Congrats to our newest Canadian! That is awesome!

I was thinking of you when I wrote that post. I miss those times too seomtimes. We thought it was so hard, but it really wasn't. It was FUN (and hard). Now that we are dealing with mortgages and sick kids and other stuff, it makes it seem like a cake walk!

Love to see your blog and updates. Youa re the greatest. Did you hear that Johnson is pregnant with TWIN BOYS! Ha!