Saturday, October 4, 2008

Greenhaven pumpkin festival

The local Green nursery, had a Pumpkin festival today. We packed up the kids and thought we would kill a few hours. It was sooo fun! The kids loved it. There was a petting zoo, which Ella was not impressed with, but Grace loved it. They had bunnies that you could hold, she was in Heaven. She wasn't too happy when the pot bellied pig spat at her!! lol. We then went and threw money into a wishing well, and met up with my friend Bobbi & her daughter Isabelle. The girls went on the astro jumps, got balloons, and played games. They got their faces painted, and then it started to rain.. we headed to A&W and got fries and burgers! A few fun hours... Ethan also has a lollipop today.. it was to keep him quiet in the van.. i know bad bad mom,, but he loved it! lol we didn't let him eat the whole thing!!

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