Saturday, December 29, 2007

thanks dustin!


Dayna spent most of the afternoon at his brothers house fitting a garburator in for him. It took them way longer than they thought. So Dustin called last night and wanted to take us out for dinner. We said " sure", so he took us to 'Ric's'. For those that don't know Ric's, it was a water tower that has now been converted. You have to take an elevator to the top and thats where you eat, it's all glass windows and you get an amazing view of the city.. so as you can imgaine, it ain't cheap to eat there!!!! lol

I could see Dayna's face when he saw the prices, i thought he was gonna pass out!! haha

I ordered a toasted coconut chicken curry, and Dayna Ribs. It was seriously sooo delicious, but i could see Dayna enjoying it, but with every mouthful he was thinking this cost how much!

On the way home, i asked him if he had had a good night, he said sure, but man, i could have bought a new gun for the price of that meal!!!!,.... typical Dayna,!! I on the other hand have expensive taste and loved every second!!! !! :)