Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas 2007


Well it's over for another year!! We had a good time. We had Dayna's family christmas on the 22nd and 23rd, as his parents were heading down to utah and California. We blessed Ethan at church on the sunday. Dayna gave a beautful blessing.

On christmas eve we had Dayna's brother and his fiance, and His sister and her husband come over and hung out, it was fun. The girls were soo excited by this time... but my 11:00 i started to feel ill, and yep i got a stomache flu. It has been going around and i caught it. i was up all night, i felt soo ill.
In the morning about 7:00am, I heard grace squeal " eeekk he came" then a patter of feet running down the hall way to tell us. ( Santa puts her stocking on her bed)!! she then ran back to her room to open it, and then proceeded to rub up and down the hall showing us everything in her stocking!
Ella then woke up and she opended hers with alot of help from Grace. They seriously played with the stockings for an hour! I was dying for them to open the real gifts. They got way more than they should, but they loved it!!!
I then spent most of the day on the couch.. I was still sick. I had toast, and Dayna ate itchi-ban!! lol
I feel alot better today, and today is my 33rd birthday,..uuggh, i am that old :(
I got the best gift. Dayna stayed up most of the night and painted my bathroom upstairs ( cranberry & white), and the basement, in cranbery & stone colour, it looks so great, and huge suprise. I love him so much. He always does the greatest things for me. he also took Ethan and slept in the spare room so i could rest, and Ethan slept all night. woohoo!!
Today, i went to some sales, picked up a few things and got some ideas for accessories for my new painted rooms!!!
so thats my last few days!

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