Thursday, November 8, 2007

welcome, Ethan Joel Dressel 7lbs 15onz 20.75 inches long!

Well i had the easiest birth ever.. here is my story and pictures of our precious baby boy!!!

ok here it is!!I got to the hosptial at 7:30 doc arrived by 8:30 started the gel, adn nothing, i just walked and waited ( 1cm dialated), still nothing. So he came back at noon, and said we will break your water adn then i will stay ( both girls were delivered within mins of my water breaking),so they were ready for it.. I asked for the epi, and he checked me and i was barely 3. So he said ok, but wasn't happy about it, so i got the epi, and it was amazing, even when they checked me i couldn't feel a thing.. so, so far i still hadn't felt 1 single contraction. I threw up, and then i was fine again.. he broke my water and.... NOTHING!!!!! everyone was amazed.. so after 20 mins the doc left, and i just waited, still nadda. They checked the monitors, i wasnt evenhaving contractions, no labour nothing. So at 4:30 they started pitocin, and nothing still, they uped the dose and fitted a catheter, as i was frozen. The resident doc came by and chilled with us, I know him, he's in another ward adn super nice... so he looks again at the monitors and 1 contraction.. wooohoo, then i said I could kinda feel the catherter, so he said let me check it... and he said " holy crap your'e done the baby is here, push, i pushed twice and he popped right out.. so i NEVER felt 1 single contraction!!!! I have no stiches, or anything!!! I feel awesome.. apart from backache as the epi took a few tries to get in... it was an amazing experience, so think you are waiting hours, and then all of a sudden he's in your arms. Then after an hour, i asked Dayna, so what are we gonna name him.. the weird thing was all day we said Noah, and then i looked at him and thought Ethan straight away, but didn't say, then Dayna said, as soon as he came out the 1st name that came to me was Ethan... i just cried, thats was his name I can't imagine him been anything else!!!He's super good just eats and sleeps,and spits up a bit, ( a little worried about that).. but he only lost 2onz befre they released us tonight!!!


angie said...

Congrats!! I am so glad everything went so well. Ethan is so cute, and you look great. I can't believe you just had a baby. I wish I were there to help. Maybe one day I will see your kids.

The Whidden Family said...
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The Whidden Family said...

oh my goodness! That is the easiest labor I have ever heard of. I am so glad it was easy, that is great! Ethan is an adorable name (that was one we liked if Hayley had've been a boy). And Joel is my brothers name so I definitely like it! You look amazing for just having a baby. Hope things are going well at home!