Wednesday, November 14, 2007

we made it through the 1st week!

We brought Ethan home from the Hospital 1 week ago today, and so far so good. He's such a happy baby for the most part. He already has his litle 'quirks' though, life after his 5am feed he will ont go back in his bassinet, he only will sleep next to me. I have never had that with my other kids. We never co-slept at all, and I vowed i never would, but when it comes down to it, my sleep is more important right now!! haha.

The girls are adjusting very differently to what i thought they would. I was really concerned about Ella, but she's been a dream, really gentle, really cute with him, and has become way more cuddly with me, which i love as she was always such a daddy's girl. Grace on the other hand is really struggling. She was the same when Ella was born, great with her new sibling, but her attitude and tantrums are really bad. My saying for this life is " this too shall pass".. sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me going!!
I feel great physically, I now have 43 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight. It's such a lot, but i'm taking it one day at a time. I've already lost about 18lbs this week, i wish it would all come off that quickly. Having 3 kids in 4 years really took a toll on me, but i have no excuse now since Ethan was my last baby! Just a few more weeks, then i will be hitting the gym!
So here are a few pictures of us this last few days.


Beth said...

He is just soooo cute! You look great too!
I think the cuddling in bed is a boy thing! Clark was the same way. He would sleep like a dream on his own all night, then in the morning, he would only sleep if we were cuddling.

The Whidden Family said...

Um. Ok. As if you just had a baby Heidi! You look great!