Saturday, October 27, 2007

We love the fall :)

Last week we bundled up the girls and took them to the park. They had so much fun. I have a good friend in Arizona and it's still sooo hot there. I must admit i like my seasons, I love the fall, the colours, and tree's and the food!!! hah. I just wish my gas bill didn't double over the winter months!!!

Also no baby to report yet. 3 days until i'm due.. I'm ready!!

WE also had great news this week, Dayna's sister Lacie got engaged to Dusty Mitchell. They are so perfect together. The date is set for November 24th.. so as happy as i am for her, she could have given me more time to lose some baby weight!!ahahah just kidding!!!

hope you have a good week


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angie said...

What would it be like to bundle your kids up?? We are still wearing shorts and t-shirts. Someday!! Good luck with the baby this week, Hopefully he comes today. Will you email me your address? I have something I want to send you. Thanks!