Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I am Back!!!

Well Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!
After over 2 years away, I woke up this morning remembering my old Hotmail address, seriously, I have not been able to log in for 2 years!!!
So, I am back, and I am going to be non stop!! 
here is a little Update
Dayna & I, are doing good, Dayna is still working for himself as a oil contractor, for Husky oil, he likes it!!!  He gets to be out in the field where he loves.. such an outdoor guy.  He's the Venture leader in the ward, and he really likes been with the Young Men, again hunting, fishing, camping.. he's in Heaven!!!  His goal for next year is to finally get lasik surgery! LOL

Me: Well, I am also doing good.  I am still in the Relief Society presidency, going on for 3 years now, I am scared for a shake up! LOL 
I am still loving our new house, and finding things to keep me busy, this spring will be landscaping :)  please, and thank you!!

Grace: she's 9.. 9, how did that happen, she is thriving in Grade 3, and has such an imagination.  We still deal daily with her OCD, and sensory disorder, and we are hoping to find a new therapist soon.. we didn't love her last one.  She is attending achievement days at church, and also is on her second year playing piano.

Ella, she is now 6.5, and is in grade 1.  She loves it.  She is so placid for the most part, has no cares in the world.  she still plays barbies and sings 24/7!!
she does not like the cold or snow, too bad she is in Canada!!

Ethan just turned 5.  He's in Kindergarten, he still suffers terribly with laryngomalacia, and asthma, and has already had pneumonia twice this past 6 months, poor guy.  he also had his adenoids removed to see if that would help.. no such luck!!!  he's a feisty little thing, and can throw a tantrum as good as the girls any day!!!!

So that's us in a nut shell!! 
here is our new 2012 family picture!!! xxx