Friday, July 10, 2009

Gymnastics camp.

I enrolled Grace this past week in a fun gymnastic camp. She is naturally really athletic, and really enjoys any type of activity. From been a very young age she was always climbing at the park, swinging, can throw a ball further than I can! So I thought this would be fun. It was at the local Gymnasium. She was there from 9-12 and loved it. They did different activities and things with the kids. She is already taking swimming lessons, which she really enjoys too. I do not want to overschedule my kids with a bunch of activities, but yet i want them to experience different things and learn new things. PLUS they don't fight with each other if they are busy! haha. It's hard to know as a parent what things you choose to do with them, and how often etc etc. I already told Dayna that when my kids are old enough they are playing the Piano, it's not an option! lol The pictures are a little dark..sorry!


Lynn said...

How fun! I totally agree...about kids activities. Looks like you have the right idea.....let them experience different things that THEY are interested in. Oh and yes.....piano lessons were NOT an option at our house either. LOL!
Enjoy your summer!

Heather said...

OOOOH my gosh! what a fun thing! my girls loved gymnastics!! it is soo nice having them in activities... you are soo amazing! love you!!!