Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boating at St Mary's

Friends of ours bought a boat recently, and invited us to go boating with them this weekend. It was so fun. A little scary at time ( i will tfill you in on that in a second). I am not the biggest fan of water at all. I knew that this would be fun, so i packed up a picnic and off we went. The boat was so fun. They had these seated tube things, with 3 seats, Grace wanted to go out with Dayna and Hayden our friends son. So i was on the boat with the other kids, and they were been pulled along, when all of a sudden it literally sunk, it was the weirdest thing i have ever seen. Grace got flung off into the cold water, by herself. Before i could even scream, Dayna dived off and got to her. The tube did go over her and push her back under for a second. Dayna said he wasn't scared until he got to the back of the boat and she still wasn't up, but a second later, there she was. Coughing, spluttering and LAUGHING, asking if she could go back in. I was shaking, nausious, and trying not to cry!!! THEN a few hours later, we were all just relazing onthe boat, Ethan kept looking over with Dayna and stood on the wooden bench at the back of the boat, then i hear 'splash' and then dayna leaning over fishing out Ethan who had toppled over. UGH, he was too laughing. Seriously, my heart could not take it. Even though we all had life jackets on, i was scared! Apart from that we all did have fun! lol

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Lynn said...

YIKES! That is scary. My heart would of been in my throat too.

So glad that you all had fun though. I was SO sad that I missed you guys on Canada Day at your in-laws. I heard you were in town, but couldn't see you through the crowd. Next year, eh?