Monday, April 6, 2009

Grace's Easter Concert!

Grace has her Easter concert at Pre-school. it was so cute to listen to her sing. She goes to a christian Pre-school, and some of the songs she sang were 'happy clappy'. Like Jesus is alive today, jesus is alive, jesus is alive today, jesus is alive ( to the tune row row row your boat).. SWEET!!!!! Ella has been singing it since then. I left Ethan home with Dayna, so Ella and I played with the camera whilst we were waiting. The pics i took of the concert didn't come out they were so dark.. dang it!


Lynn said...

I wondered why they still were calling it Easter Concert....then I read what type of school she goes too. Awesome! Love that some schools STILL refer to it as an EASTER concert. Not SPRING concert....all the politically correct stuff really erks me!

Heather said...

these are soo cute! I LOVE Seeing pics of you! you look awesome!!!

how fun!!! love this post!