Saturday, March 28, 2009

weddings.. if i could do it again!

I would of course still choose Dayna, but wouldn't it be fun to go back and do things again. I LOVED everything about my wedding, it was perfect, and seriously i loved it!!! But nearly 9 years on, styles, fashions change, and when we were at the temple with friends last week, there were weddings going on, and we all talked baout things we would do now. So this is the dress i would wear! lol I LOVE IT! also here is a pic of my actual wedding.. Such a happy day. We had our wedding photos in an old abbey, i love them!
if i was gonna pick a dress for today, i would choose this one below.. LOVE IT!


Lynn said...


I was married in the late 80's. Enough said about the extreme styles then! LOL!

I LOVE your wedding photos and your dress is beautiful!!!!

Heather said...

OH MY! i LOVE your pictures! gorgeous! gorgeous!!!!! anyways, your dress IS soo beautiful!

BUt, i totally hear you on changing things! i would SOO change my dress too! if i had a scanner i would send you a pic of my wedding!

But, I DO OH MY GOSH, DO love that dress that you linked too! oh my gosh! how gorgeous!!!!

but, in 10 years or whatever... new styles fashions! i swear my fashion/style changes with the weather! (not really. but you know what i mean)

LOVE YOUR PICS THOUGH! you are GORGEOUS! and i love how "IN LOVE" you two look! You are gorgeous!!! xoxo

Angie said...

How funny! I was just thinking that the other day. I LOVED my wedding day, but there are definitely things I would do different now. My wedding dress cost me $100!! was used, but fit me pretty good...I was all about saving money. But how fun to be able to go ALL out!