Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sorry Grace, I just had to!

Last night I was getting Grace ready for bed, and she said to me " mommy, why doesn't Daddy take baths"? I replied " he prefers showers".. she then pipes up " is that because he doesn't want his penis to get soggy?. ( i am not a fan of kids been inthe baths too long, they get on pruneish, and i HATE that feeling!!)... I cracked up laughing, actually hysterically laughing, and then she got realy embarassed and i had to totally fake that i was laughing at Clifford the big red dog! lol I HATE using the correct terms for those areas'. Infact, i usually don't, i just call them private parts, but I laughed sooo hard. !!


Tiffany said...

Only out of our kids mouths eh...too funny.

Lynn said...

LOL!!! Oh totally what Tiffany said.

The Whiddens said...