Monday, March 16, 2009

ooh finally a date!

ON Friday night, Jace ( Dayna's brother), and his amazing fiance Jen came to stay the weekend and they offered to babysit Friday night. We were so excited. We went out for dinner, took flowers to my good friends mom, who has been very sick in the hosptial, and we went shopping to look for Ella's borthday gift. It was so nice to be able to eat a meal without having to cut someones meat, or telling someone to stop throwing food, or to sit down etc!! It was so fun jsut to spend time with Dayna. Thanks Jace & Jen!


Lynn said...

That is awesome! Don't you just love family who comes to visit and then helps out? : D

Lynn said...

P.S. That Tropical cake was FANTASTIC!

Heather said...

I AM SOO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! YAY! a night out! how fun! I LOVE THAT! kirk and i are FINALLY getting out more! and WHAT A GREAT THING IT IS!!!