Tuesday, December 16, 2008

RIP Daisy Goldie

Well it didn't quite last a month :( But Daisy Goldie, passed away today. It was actually quite a sad time. Grace came running in saying Goldie was asleep and wouldn't wake up, we rushed in there, and she had gone. We explained what had happend, Ella started bawling and Grace didn't say anything, then Dayna burried her, and thats when it hit Grace, and well it's been tears ever since. I hate to think how we will handle someone close passing away. It's really hard to explain everything to a 5 and 2.5yr old.
On a funnier note, Dayna was asking me what he should do with her, if she should flush her down the toilet. I told him, maybe we should bury her so Grace knew.. i heard Grace a few minutes later telling her friend they were gonna bury her, her friend said " what does bury mean"? Grace's reply " it's when we die, we get burried and they flush you down the toilet"... we had some explaning to do!

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