Sunday, December 7, 2008

a happy picture!

I usually hate having my picture taken. They always remind me that I still have 25lbs to lose! lol. Dayna also HATES having his taken too. So at our ward christmas party, they were taking family pics of everyone. I thought, here we go again. So i smiled and it flashed, and off we went. I got it back today, and I really like it. Dayna is smiling, I look half ok, and i love how big and brown my kids eyes look..arn't they adorable. I just had to share.. is that vain or what! lol


Emily said...

That really did turn out great!!

Tiffany said...

It turned out really cute, what a nice idea for your ward to do that for all of you. Great IDEA.

The Whiddens said...

It's a great nice picture! All three of your kids eyes look identical - so big and brown. You can tell they are definitely related!