Monday, October 20, 2008

ugh, i hate it!

So I have been trying to save money, or just be more careful on our spending habits. My hair needed badly highlighting as my roots were bad, but i decided that $120 every other month was too much and decided to just dye it back to my original colour..ish!! So everytimes i watched Desperate housewives i cover Bree's hair.. so i went to the local drugstore and picked up a colour that was very similar.. well it isn't anything like it. I am pretty horrified!! I just hope it fades REALL REALY fast. Grace asked me " mommy do u like your hair" i asked her why, and she said " well it just doesn' look that pretty! .. kids are honest i guess! lol here is what i wanted and what actually took place! lol


rubyjade said...

Oh Heidi I think it looks really good on you. I do. I think it's pretty!

Angie said...

It always looks worse to you...but I think it looks fine! lol...That has happened to me a couple of times actually, but after a couple of weeks it really "calmed" down...I love red though!

The Whiddens said...

Haha, I can't believe Grace said that! I think your hair looks really good, and I agree that it's only you THINKING it doesn't look good. I know how you feel though, there have been times where I die my hair and it's so VIBRANT, I won't let myself leave the house until I've washed it about 15 times, hoping it'll fade!