Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Saturday.

** the writing looks wonky on the presence sign, but it's notIRL!!*** lol

This past saturday I gate crashed my friends ward 'Super Saturday'. it was so much fun. Me, Bobbi, Lana, and Carmen headed off to Bobbi's ward excited for our day out without kids & we get to do crafts all day... can u say we were excited!!
I am NOT a natural crafty person. I've said it before, but I could make something and pass it off as one of Grace's and people would believe it was hers... but with the help from Lana, everything turned out well.. IMO!!
They also fed us a wonderful lunch of homemade soup and rolls and cookies. We seriously didn't stop!
I made, 2 tutu's, i need to get some pics of them, I am thrilled with them, Grace & Ella will LOVE them. WE had a bit of a rocky start with them, but they turned out so great. I also made a temple pic antique style, a christmas sign, and some crayons rollup holders ( which i have yet to make since we had to use a sewing machine, and I didn't wanna be the dumb one to say i didn't know how to turn the machine on!!!) and a cute little hat with accessories ( i didn't actually make the hat) lol
I forgot to take pics, of me actually doing the crafts, i think i just got one of Bobbi!
but we had a great time.. Thanks girls for a good day out!

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